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In recent years, environmental protection issues have become more and more important, and the environmental protection industry has also developed rapidly. As the largest sub-industry of the environmental protection industry, the solid waste treatment industry has very broad development prospects. Many pollutants in industrial solid waste cannot be eliminated from the source. The output of industrial solid waste represented by red mud is increasing. The mainstream treatment method of this type of bulk solid waste is resource utilization, and more of it involves subsequent technological innovation of harmlessness and resource utilization. Many sub-sectors of industrial solid waste treatment are still in their infancy and rapid development. Policy support is gradually increasing, which is favorable for successive launches, and a broad market space is gradually formed.

Project Benefits:

1. Based on environmental protection and good concept: in a real sense, the concept of recycling wood is realized, which can consume a large amount of industrial solid waste, and it is also an important technology that reflects the value-added of solid waste products;

2. Good performance and strong competitiveness: First, it has excellent environmental protection performance, which prevents the precipitation of harmful substances; second, the product has good application performance, has a longer service life than traditional wood products, and has the advantages of high recycling value. While saving costs, it also improves the product's own market competitiveness, and the market prospect is better;

3. Compared with other substitute wood products, such as steel template, aluminum template, etc., it has the characteristics of lower cost, lighter weight and easy on-site processing.

4. Small investment and quick results are conducive to agglomeration development. From the analysis point of view, the project investment is small and the profit is good, which can promote the entry of external industries, achieve agglomeration development, and increase the consumption of industrial solid waste.

5. The standard is sound, the market is relatively mature, and the product has a wide range of applications in the market, such as indoor ceilings, keels, floors and other decorative items; outdoor planks, pavilions, building templates, etc.

Business Incubator

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