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Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen Fuel


New Energy Project

Natural gas + catalyst hydrogen production + hydrogenation energy saving low nitrogen combustion system

Project prospects

As an efficient and multi-purpose energy medium, hydrogen energy has prominent advantages in the industrial combustion field application market. "Hydrogen catalyst" and "Hydrogen low-nitrogen energy-saving burners (industrial burners), especially in the field of bzoilers and industrial kilns, are growing fast and have promising prospects.

Hydrogen Fuel


Brief introduction of hydrogenation energy saving and low nitrogen combustion

The hydrogen energy low-nitrogen energy-saving combustion technology and equipment are mainly to solve the problem of excessive nitrogen oxide emissions and high energy consumption during the combustion process of boilers and industrial kilns. After several years of hard work, the researchers finally developed and experimented successfully hydrogen energy low-nitrogen energy-saving combustion technology and equipment, and applied for national patent technology. The concept of this technology is to control from the source, achieve ultra-low nitrogen emissions of nitrogen oxides, and at the same time greatly reduce power and fuel consumption, so that customers can reduce energy consumption while meeting emission standards. A technically feasible and economical low-nitrogen energy-saving combustion method has been found for boilers and industrial kilns.

Energy-saving low-nitrogen burner + chemical catalyst hydrogen production + natural gas method is mostly used in boilers below 20 tons. Compared with traditional natural gas only, it can greatly increase the temperature of the flame, increase the heating value and efficiency of combustion, and save natural gas costs by 5%-15 %.

Environmental protection
The natural gas + catalyst + hydrogenation energy-saving low-nitrogen combustion system can reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to below 30mg/m³.
(The nitrogen oxide emission of traditional natural gas + low-nitrogen burner is about 100mg/m³).

Gas boiler·Practical case

Hydrogen FuelHydrogen FuelHydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen FuelHydrogen FuelHydrogen Fuel

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