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In terms of function, it can completely replace and be superior to traditional fillers, such as calcium carbonate, talc, kaolin, etc. Widely used in plastics, building materials, rubber, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramics, coatings, paints, inks, papermaking, automobiles, chemicals, urban construction, civil construction, transportation, military, ports and other industries or fields.

Plastic industry: plastic pipes, plastic sheets, wood-plastic panels, corrugated boards, profiled materials, waterproof coiled materials, plastic products, degradable plastics and wire and cable materials. It can greatly reduce the cost of plastic products and can also be used as a cheap heat stabilizer and light shielding agent to improve light resistance, heat resistance, and aging resistance, and extend the life of plastic products.

Rubber industry: rubber accessories, rubber products, seal products. It can improve the tensile, tensile, heat resistance, aging resistance and tear resistance of the product.

Building materials industry: building templates, external wall insulation boards, floors, decorative panels, wood-plastic panels, sewer pipes, flue pipes, sewage pipes, drainage and irrigation pipes, cable threading pipes, geothermal pipes, etc.

Paper industry: cardboard paper, art paper, newsprint, stone paper. It can improve the smoothness of the paper, can be used as a pigment, fill in the color, and reduce production costs.

Coating industry: oil-based primer, high-end car surface paint, powder paint, water-based paint and other products. It can increase the thickness of the coating film, improve the wear resistance and weather resistance of the coating, and increase the powder coating rate and spray area of the powder coating.

Ten features and advantages of the finished products:
1. Does not breed mold and prevents insects and rodents
2. Strong weather resistance, good aging resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance. The added products will not be brittle, deformed, and resist extrusion at -25℃—76℃.
3. The service life of the product is 3 times that of FRP materials, 6 times that of asbestos materials, and 4 times that of imitation porcelain materials.
4. the product has strong corrosion resistance and good acid and alkali resistance.
5. The product has high impact strength, good toughness, hard to break and crack.
6. the product has good flame-retardant performance, extinguishes immediately after leaving the fire, good insulation performance, non-toxic and non-radiation.
7. the product has good heat insulation and shading performance.
8. In production, the plasticization time is short, which improves the production efficiency of the equipment, increases the output and reduces the cost.
9. the amount of addition is large, and traditional fillers such as calcium carbonate are added at least 10% more than the same period.
10. It can also be used as a heat stabilizer, light shielding agent and flame retardant with good cost performance, which can reduce the 30% of usage of heat stabilizers. 

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